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DALINA graphics is an online visual effects studio for movies and TV. We are located in Almetyevsk (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia) and very soon we will open our second office in Dubai (UAE). We are becoming an international company. In the studio, all the pipeline, software and equipment meet the standards of the film industry, which allows you to get world-class visual effects. The DALINA graphics team consists of talented, responsible and motivated specialists.

Our goal is to make world-class visual effects!

Our services

Overall VFX supervision
Compositing, modeling
Lookdev, lighting, rendering
VFX online and offline courses

Projects where we participated

And many other movies and TV series

Our clients

And many others. Thank you for your trust!


We do online and offline workshops where we show and talk about our own projects. We reveal the secrets of our pipeline, explain the decisions made and give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes. In 2024, we plan to perform in Russia, the UAE and Uzbekistan. The master classes will be conducted by the founder of the studio and our VFX supervisor Ainur Davletov. Follow the news.

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VFX coordinator
- Preparation of projects in the Cerebro project management system
- Preparation of project files and documentation for studio standards
- Verification of compliance with studio standards by performers
- Tracking the work of performers
- Help in finding performers
- Assistance in drafting technical and legal documentation
- Communication with all levels of the organization, including performers, managers and clients
- And other minor duties provided for in the job description
- Completely remotely
- Accord payment system
- Knowledge of Nuke, Cerebro is required
- Knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word or any other software that will help in the activity is welcome


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